A downloadable project for Windows and macOS

VRzone allows the exploration of immersive venues where users can connect together while exploring art galleries, product showcases and digital events as never before.

  • Visit amazing immersive art collections while chatting with friends and people from all around the world. 
  • Explore incredible 3D creations from some of the most talented and visionary artists in the world.
  • Join a worldwide virtual music event, dancing with other people inside imaginary locations.
  • Enter a virtual museum where walking among dinosaurs or ancient ruins with your students becomes a reality. 

See alternative realities, surround yourself with fantastic shapes and sounds, share visual experiences as they evolve and take form. The possibilities are endless. 

Request your VR space now at https://vrzone.io or contact us at hello@vrzone.io

VRZone is currently in Beta testing stage.


VRzone for macOS - v0.32
VRzone for Windows - v0.32

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